New car bought - e320 CDI shed for sale


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Jan 14, 2005
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West Midlands
I have just bought a 3 year old E320 CDI Elegance estate - I have been looking for a 7 seat Elegance as I prefer the softer ride and nicer colour interior. All seems to be in pristine condition, with just 44,000 miles on the clock. I hope that this car will see me through the next 5 years / 125k miles

My shed will be up for Sale this weekend - it is a 1999 E320CDI estate with 170k miles (nothing for these engines - in the past month I have seen one with 347k and another with 500k miles for sale). Mechanically it is really good - in fact it has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. Bodywise it is not so good - I scraped the Bumper, all 4 corners are rusty, one rear door is rusty and the boot lid is begining to rust, one electric window does not work and there is a very small dent on the rear piller (supermarket ding). On the plus side everything other than the window works (it is not the motor, it is the winding mechanism which is £50) - even the air con still blows ice cold, and I have not topped it up in the past 2 1/2 years of ownership. The Engine is smooth and refined, all glow plugs work, 2 injectors and MAF were fitted 15k miles ago and the springs were changed when I bought the car. In addition it has the 7 seat option. It has full Service History, up to 60k miles with MB, then a couple of services at a garage in Birmingham. The past 3 services were with WDM a very reputable Mercedes Indi in Birmingham. I am hopeful for £1500. Just PM me for more details. Over the past 55k miles I have achieved 36mpg average - I have just returned from a camping Holiday to Spain where I averaged 33mpg over 1700 miles towing a trailer tent at 75mph.


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