No air conditioned air on drivers side please help!


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Jul 4, 2013
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Morning I'm new to this forum and relatively new to me ownership and the costs of repairs!

I have a 2008 e class avantgarde estate (e200) automatic which is lovely to drive but have had a few problems with it, the latest of which is the air conditioning which I haven't been a massive user of as I'm a slightly frustrated convertible owner and have tended to drive with the windows open until recently.

The problem is that there appears to be no air conditioned air coming out of the drivers side vents, I have a UK car by the way. I've tried it on various different settings and with the air con off and on.

Whilst I'm no expert it seems that with the air con off the temp on both sides is the same whether hot or cold and with it on the temp on both sides is the same when hot but on cold the air on the passenger side is chilled air but on the drivers side it's as if air con is off as just blowing out air at ambient temp.

I've had a good look round the Web and this forum and taken it into my local mb dealer who have replaced the heater shut off valve which made no difference and say that the
next step is to replace the main air con control unit at £500 plus. I don't have a warranty or deep pockets and would be interested to know whether you think this is the correct next step as I've read it could need regassing, a blockage from compressor or stepper motor.

As we seem to be heading for a hot spell any help would be greatly received!

Thanks Simon


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Mar 14, 2005
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Hello and welcome,,, I cannot help directly but we have a member who had similar problems and the sensor behind the hash had come out of its socket, this is the little red round sensor on the dash.

I had almost the same thing on my CL500, I changed the heater shut off motor as you have done, but not perfect, I cannot get to my sensor behind the dash. What I did do was to have the center dash air vents pointing downwards and the car is perfect on that setting.

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