not reving past 3.5k?!


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Dec 18, 2008
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i have a clk200 w208 and i took it in for a service to a friend and he done the service but after a day, the car wouldnt rev past 3.5k.

also when i change gear and accelerate it doesnt go anywhere, LITERALLY doesnt move in 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th. after a while it starts to move slowly but its still very bad.

now i took it back because i thought the maf wasnt plugged in properly or the spark plugs were faulty.

it turns out its none on that, and they cant figure it out, the car has been there for 2 days now!!!

the funny thing is, from the gas pedal it wouldnt rev, but from under the bonet it had no problems at all!

does anybody have a slight clue what it might be??

any sugestions apreciated


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May 12, 2004
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M1, Outside lane, somewhere between Leeds and Lond
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The symptoms are 'safe mode'. You need to have a diagnostic done and get the fault codes read otherwise you're just guessing.
Get it to a merc specialist - they're far too complicated for a jobbing mechanic.

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