Ongoing Glow Plug light Fault


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Nov 10, 2008
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I have had the glow plug light lit on my W220 320 CDI from start since I bought it a month or so ago, so I took it to my local garage and had him look over things.

Diagnostics returned five faults stored, coolant and three air con faults,which I expected. Colin then checked each glow plug and cleared the faults down and had a test drive. Later he explained that the car ran well and all the plugs were originals and still worked correctly. Since the service the car runs great and quietens down now after 2 mins start from cold, however the glow plug light remains lit most of the time.

Even after a hour drive to work, when I restart the car the light remains lit. When I started yesterday afternoon an error was displayed "warning coolant, visit workshop" then this disappeared and was no longer shown in the malfunction memory.

Is this coolant error stored now in the car memory or should I see this in the malfunction memory?

I know my garage is a good chap and he did say the glow plug light may reappear, ie it could be a sensor fault.

Any ideas what I should look for next, I am loathed to go to a main dealer due to the cost and I do trust my local chap as he serviced my FTO for years excellently but with a Merc do I need the main dealer to get the best results for electrical type faults?

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