Over promise, under deliver...


Ashley H

Based on general feedback here, I've taken my car to MB of Ayr for an "A" service and some bits & pieces.

Excellent initial impressions - booked online, appointment confirmed with a call from the service manager. Confirmed my requirements - "A" service (not due quite yet by the computer but a year since the last one & a long run to France imminent) + climate control that doesn't & hasn't ever. Scheduled two weeks ahead for a drop-off on Friday, they could keep it all week because I'll be away on business.

Dropped it off on Friday at 08:15. Met a very pleasant service reception chap to whom I re-re-confirmed the "A" service, CC and mentioned that the ride seems harsher than I feel it should be. Very clear that there is a "fundamental problem" - i.e. a leak - on the air conditioning, it doesn't just need re-gassed.

I also mentioned that, if I could have it back same or next day, it would be helpful but OK if they need it the whole week.

He dismissed the idea of keeping it: "we'll give it an overall check straight away, call you around 10:00 if there's anything that needs your input then I'll call you around four so you can collect it"

Great, I thought - haven't got to take the C180 to Edinburgh airport on Sunday (SWMBO is on holiday)!

Ten o'clock passes. Four o'clock passes. At 16:45 I call MB of Ayr - service are on the phone. Can B***r call you back? 17:00 - a call from B***r, to whom I spoke earlier. The rear supension needs XX. OK, go ahead. The rear brakes need YY - OK, go ahead. There's no coolant in the air con system, that will be £135 to fix. Not OK - re-gassing is not the solution - I told your service manager that when I spoke to him two weeks ago, I told you that this morning. Doh...

Anyway, we've got until next week to sort it out...

David Ogilvy, one of the fathers of modern advertising, said in less PC times "the consumer is not a moron, she's your wife". A message to MB - "the customer is not a moron - we have choices, especially when times are hard in the motor trade"

Successful consumer businesses under promise and over deliver. When will MB learn the same? This will be my last business with MB Ayr.
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