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pre-cdi sprinter blower not working

Discussion in 'Electrics, Vacuum, Ignition and ECU' started by engineengineer, Dec 28, 2012.

    hi there, newbie here! i have two pre cdi sprinters and on both of them the heater blowers dont work, both the whole time i have had them. regardless of setting, there is nothing. i have power coming to the orange box under the drivers seat, but not sure after that. i have searched for the same fault but cant find anything. any help appreciated,
    cheers jack.
  1. Steve@Avantgarde

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    Dec 8, 2009
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    Do you have 12v at the fan motor electrical plug when the switch is on?

    It maybe the blower motor is knackered which is quite common
  2. OP

    engineengineer Guest

    sorry to be dim but where is the plug? Cheers for your help

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