R230 Vario Roof Front Section Side Seals Replacement


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Mar 9, 2014
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I recently swapped my original 2007 plain front section for a panoramic version. Best mod ever!

My car is black and the inside is coalhole black. The light from the glass roof is amazing.

But my 'new' roof came from a 2003 car and the seals are tired. Particularly the Drivers side, where the 'flock' is very much worn.

I have bought replacements and studdied the WIS howto sheet, but never having done this before thought I might learn from youtube - nothing - or from the acknowledged experts here.

Basic question is has anyone ever done this, what to look out for and any significant must do steps.

alternatively just ofload the responsibility of doing it right (no wind noise and no leaks) to a compenent Indie and suck up the cost

Thoughts, help and advice gratefully received

Specialist in parts for W140 and R129 Mercedes-Benz models.
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