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Recommendations please for good MB dismantler/recycler

Discussion in 'General Mercedes-Benz Related Discussion' started by hannay, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. hannay

    hannay Senior Member

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    Mar 16, 2007
    Jan 1996 S124 7-seater E200, 280Kmiles, white/off-white, charcoal-fabric/walnut, tow hitch, not air con ...

    It is that painful time ....

    My heart says no but my head says I have to let the car go to a dismantler.

    I have another almost the same though way less miles, 220 in smoke silver but I always thought white suited the *presence* of the estate wonderfully and is far nicer looking. Yes, I am attached to it lol, and that's the **** problem!

    The 200 is way too nice to scrap under ideal circumstances, but nevertheless I am looking for a recommendation to a good dismantler/recycler all the same please

    ... and yes, there will be tears!

    I was originally intending to bring it up to fine fettle at leisure now I am retired, and sorned it at the start of the year as it wasn't going to be daily transport with the 220 to free it up.

    It was always looked after and came with a huge dealer/indy history when I got it, and just kept on keeping-on which is why with a quarter-million miles approaching I decided that she was just about run-in and we could plan for the half-million!

    The likely needs earlier in the year were replacements to corroding brake lines, ditto a section of fluid suspension pipe, exhaust leak round manifold so emissions off, new discs here and there would be good, new exhaust too, inner wheel arch perforating under water reservoir ... nothing too onerous but I was thinking to get a little generous too and attend to some extras as well just to set her up ... replace mounting blocks/bushes, other stuff, the usual suspects.

    Bodywork fine, already a new wing just before being sorned, new battery just a few weeks back so that the coming winter wouldn't make any kind of dent, couple of other things routinely, starts/spins/runs as nicely as it ever did. And it does get driven to keep all in order, just very, very carefully and with eyes very wide open lol, being sorned

    However, to the point ...

    Plans have changed. We will be retiring abroad in the New Year. The indy who has looked after our cars forever gave it a going over for a new MoT a few weeks ago and found no other failures than the above still, except for a couple of bulbs now being out.

    So I could quickly put a little money in to it and get it on the road as a nice mile-eater for the next tens/hundreds of thousand miles ... BUT, at 228K miles I wouldn't recover the cost of the work on sale afterward, plus I don't need it myself anyway and will actually be letting the 220 go too anyway before we move.

    So its best use would be as a donor to help others stay in good shape. Like I said, it is a painful place to be!

    I really don't want to just leave it with a scrapper for a few pounds and a heavy heart ... I am wondering about specialist dismantlers/recyclers ... like Dronsfields maybe who have been useful to me for the odd thing at times.

    They and others presumably buy donor-vehicles ... I may well approach them if so rather than use one of the many online scrappers that will collect for cash.

    As I said, in an ideal world she would go to someone who didn't mind rolling their sleeves up and taking care of what's required and then end up with some tidy and comfy motoring for a bunch more miles. That's my heart speaking however, and I have to be realistic hence my question now wondering if anyone can please recommend a decent specialist recycler/dismantler that wouldn't waste my time?

    ... just don't use the word "crush", ok?!

    Looking to take care of this in the next few days. Location is close to M1/M6 junction though ideally it would need collecting as it is sorned.

    Alternatively, if you know someone looking for a tasty opportunity ...

    Okay, walking away with stiff upper lip and hopefully no obvious tremble *sniff* ....
  2. lwbnick

    lwbnick Senior Member

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    Mar 4, 2010
    Your Mercedes:
    How much do you want for it?
  3. OP

    hannay Senior Member

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    Mar 16, 2007
    Apologies for unintentionally leaving you unanswered - the same day that I made the original post a family matter came up that needed some time and travelling to take care of and simply nothing else has had a look-in for those few days including any thoughts on the car.

    We returned at the weekend and it is just as though the past week never existed lol, and I have just come along thinking that I might find an awaiting referral from someone as I would like to get things taken care of.

    Whilst we were away my son did in fact email a vehicle dismantler for me trying to help, and they have valued the car at £400 unseen just on reputation and condition presumably knowing what they can make on interior/body/components etc. Breaks my heart, but I guess that's not unreasonable for recycling a high-miler that nevertheless still has all its teeth.

    Personally I'd prefer to see it stay on the road with someone getting a good few more years out of it yet ... went for a little spin this morning after a week of standing still, started and went fine as always, readings where they should be as usual *sigh*.

    Anyway, I will do a little quick digging myself most likely, but I'd like to get it settled so will probably accept their offer in a few days time if I don't see better elsewhere ...

    Apologies again, hadn't meant to appear rude.

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