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Vehicle S210 E Class E320CDI Avantgarde Estate 2000 X

Discussion in 'Mercedes Car Classifieds' started by ShinyF1, May 25, 2018.

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    Aug 29, 2006
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    Your Mercedes:
    2000 E320CDi AG Estate
    W210 E Class Estate, 2000 X facelifted model, I have done around 75,000 miles in my 12 years of ownership as second owner. Initially serviced by MB Guildford/Purslow and then PCS (independent Mercedes specialist in Hampshire) since around 2008.

    Rare Labradorite Green (almost black) with black leather. Options include Comand 2.0, rear bench seat, sports suspension with 17” Sador alloy wheels, Bury telephone kit, and the usual fairly extensive Avantgarde spec.

    In recent years the following items have been done:
    Reconditioned gearbox
    New battery
    New fuel lines
    New alternator
    Rear suspension spheres
    Rear subframe bushes
    Head gasket

    Car has been looked after and bodywork is fairly good for an 18 year old W210, There are a few scuffs and some rust around the near side rear wheel arch, but generally it’s Ok.

    Drives well, is comfortable and still pulls like a train, car is in its element on the motorway.

    Some photos enclosed - apologies for breaking first rule of car selling and not hoovering the car. Will get it cleaned inside and out and repost.

    IMG_0313.jpg IMG_0314.jpg IMG_0315.jpg IMG_0316.jpg IMG_0328.jpg IMG_0330.jpg IMG_0331.jpg IMG_0338.jpg IMG_0312.jpg IMG_0334.jpg

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