Service "B" - what to do and to look for...


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Sep 3, 2014
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Hi you all,
my W203 C220 CDI 150bhp is getting close to the "service B" time...

the last time I performed the "service A", I replaced the following parts:

• engine oil (5w40 Shell Ultra)
• engine oil filter (Mahle - MB supplier)
• engine air filter (K&N)
• cabin air filters (Mahle - MB supplier)
• fuel filter (Mahle - MB supplier)
• rear window wiper (Valeo)

once I was with my hands on it:

• left side (driver side in Portugal) suspension arms, upper, lower, sway bar drop link (TRW)
• rear brake pads that were near end of life (TRW)
• coolant thermostat that was locked fully open (MB original)
• and a few weeks later changed the transmission and diferencial fluids at my local indie with all the original MB parts, including autopilot bushing that was not dripping but was menacing to start doing so

so now that my "service B" is near by, and my fabulous C Class Estate is at the lovely mark of 260.000km (ish) on the clock, what do you recomend me to do besides the usual full set of oil and filters change?

is there anything particular to do at the service B that I haven't already done at service A and needs some special attention?

thanks in advance to you all who are so kind to shed some light on this matter...
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Mar 14, 2005
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Mainly change the oil again and the filter, the air filters are things that go for 30k miles unless it is very dusty where you live. You did that A service like a B service, so just check things like brake pad wear etc.

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