Service Plans - worth the money?


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Jun 3, 2009
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Title says it all really - coming from a company car (where all servicing, tyres, etc is taken care of) to an allowance where I've got to pay for everything - is it worth looking at a service plan.

My PCP mileage is set to 14k per annum - can anyone give me an idea of servicing costs for a C220/250 over a 3 year period?

I know that most here favour indies, but for the first 3 years I guess I'm tied to an MB dealer for warranty / finance company purposes?


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Feb 8, 2005
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The cars need servicing every 12mths of 15,500 miles, which ever is first.

Should be A service first year, B service and brake fluid second year (perhaps a set of windscreen wipers too) and A service and MOT 3rd year.

The only other service thing that could catch you is the autogearbox fluid change is now required at 37,500miles or 4 years. So age is fine but you will hit the mileage. At a dealer this job is £200ish.

Depending on how you drive then you might get through a set of front pads too. The dealer may well call and give you the "we've got the wheels off and it could do with pads and disks all round" malarky but just tell them you'll bring it in when the light comes on. If they really need doing then you could get it done elsewhere - no-one would know.

MB have pushed the dealers on servicing costs and you should be able to get an A service for £200 ish and B service for £300ish. Brake fluid maybe £60 or so.

The MB servicing plans seem a completely ridiculous price - I've no idea what they're thinking about. I have the old ServicePlus scheme and I'm hugely out of pocket. I was regaled with tales of huge amounts of work but in fact my car has needed astonishingly little work. The disks were rusty at the last MOT but they still wouldn't change them under the contract.
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