SL350 Roof corrosion


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I have a 2004 SL 350. I noticed the aluminium roof at the rear corner (where the roof hinges when opening) corroding in 2006. I was shocked that this should happen on a new car with an aluminium roof. Mercedes fixed it and assured me it was not a normal problem, and that it was permanently fixed. In 2009, the roof corroded in the same place, and this time on both sides of the roof. Mercedes fixed it again and assured me there was not a fundamental problem.
Quess what - its 2012 and the corrosion has come back in the same place. Mercedes are looking at this as I type, but I was wondering if anybody else has had this problem?


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Hello and welcome to the forum,,, just the odd one has happened to a couple of members here. the problem with alli is that the water that gets in sets up an electrolytic action that eats into the alli, you cannot bead blast it out or off as alli is so soft it just peens good metal over the corrosion and hides it for a time, it can be sanded out but the metal can get too thin, really it should be replaced.

Not good is it :(


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I can immediately think of two Posters who have had this problem.....100%Bitch (Helen) and Carnut (Steve).



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Yeh, I had it, but it was on the front offside corner, so mine could have been caused by a stonechip or something.