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Sl500 R230 ABC Issue

Discussion in 'Suspension, Steering & Brakes' started by H24k, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. ajlsl600

    ajlsl600 Senior Member

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    Nov 18, 2013
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    clk3202001,sl6002003 with everything,A class 170cdi auto

    pretty much my view and the cars only real downside. and why i would seriously look at coil overs, no known kit yet for V12. i understand ABC is a great drive , but i have been happy enough with coil overs for 30 plus yrs and i vote for reliability,i dont view my chances of a roadside resolution to ABC issues very highly especially in foriegn lands. had the R230 NOT had ABC i certainly would not have been put of from buying a car with timeless style..
  2. OP

    H24k Member

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    Feb 13, 2017
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    sl500 2002
    Yeah ive actually fixed quiet a few things so far including the pse pump and some leaks but still have a host of issues! lol The seller mentioned a few faults but hid all the others, he was a proper little sneaky rat!!

    Ive still got the issue with my radiator fan being on constantly and the horn not working, also a battery drain for the battery in the boot which drains after a few days even though its brand new! And also the ABC which is a strange one cos the suspension works but the drivers front is slightly lower so the car is crabbing slightly but no loss of abc fluid or leaks etc and i have the white or blueish white message not the serious red abc warning and its been like this since i bought it so I recon its something like a sensor
  3. Submariner1

    Submariner1 Senior Member

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    Sep 3, 2016
    Windsor Berkshire
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    CL500 2009 5.5
    Just checked my calender and its not the 1st April, if you think a recon pse pump is expensive ....
    You ain’t seen nothing yet!
    So about £8,000 of Essential repairs; and en route to a complete new ABC system and a new engine!
    Best advice take it to Phil at Welwyn Merx ... and mend and flush the ABC system and sort out the engine cooling issues before it siezes.
    Or sell it for spares PDQ.
    Not being rude (actaully being kind) but you clearly dont understand the financial implications of running a car with broken ABC.

    Might be worth listening to people like Craig and John and LK. They know what they are talking about ... Or face repairs that could make that the most expensive 2002 SL ever!

    TBH from what I have read with 160K on the clock its already BER.
  4. Craiglxviii

    Craiglxviii Senior Member

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    Sep 6, 2015
    Cambs UK
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    W215 CL500 Motorway Queen; W251 R320L Familybenz, S211 E320 Avg Designo Edition now sadly missed.
    The struts need their ride heights recalibrated in Star.

    The white/ blue message (VISIT WORKSHOP) means that ABC has shut down and is not actively functioning. It means that you need to err visit a workshop and get the problem diagnosed.

    Saying “it’s just a sensor” ignores the fact that there’s an internal sensor on each strut that, if it fails, requires the strut to be replaced...

    The battery drain is serious if it’s drawing 30A.h a day. That needs diagnosing too.

    With 160k on the clock the car is fine (we have one member with a CL on 276k) BUT it depends what you intend for it... and how deep your pocketbook is.
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