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So far very glad I got the Makita Polisher ... VFM parts

Discussion in 'Autocare, Detailing, Valet, Product reviews' started by Submariner1, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Submariner1

    Submariner1 Senior Member

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    Sep 3, 2016
    Windsor Berkshire
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    CL500 2009 5.5
    I just picked up my 2 spare 6” backing pads. Ordered 2 days ago from my local main Makita dealer.
    Rang Makita UK straight through to Texhnical suppport confirming the part number, they also sent me the exploded parts diagram for future use by email within 5 mins :):)
    Great Service.
    £4.00 plus VAT each! Must be a pricing error so I bought 2!
    Nicely made .. even comes with spare securing bolts :):)

    Hopefully might be able to swap 1 with a US customer to get their 5” varient ( sadly not sold in the UK ... and 4 US dealers wont ship to the UK!)

    Or if no US owners wanting a 6” backing pad, maybe one could put a long M8 bolt in the centre and slam it on lathe and cut one of these down. The blue circle is 110 wide. Or cut doen inside the holes to get a 71mm diameter version .... ?

    Good News I discovered that allegedly the Flex mini 3” backing pad will fit. :)

    But In contrast!!
    The cost is £24! Each. Note the 6” ones are £36 each!!! E973FB31-10EA-453C-B8EE-F1A35D7C3E8F.jpeg plus delivery!

    Phoned 8 UK dealers ... none keep spares of their std. 3” backing pads. Seem to be just detailers flogging off polishers on the side, no access to technical support. Couldnt find a UK repair centre!
    Had to get an address from the German Parent. What a palava!
    Eventually found their repair centre, who has ordered one ... 7-10 days plus more days, as it has to coincide with their regular order on Germany. ( could end up being 2 to 3 weeks ! )

    Lord knows what happens when you need an internal part!

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