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Apr 12, 2009
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The top on my `00 Clk 430 wouldn't go down, the rear window would release and go up, the boot would open, the rear window would go back down and the front of the top would go up about 6 inches and stop.

The dealer said it was the soft top control module, so I bought one online, installed it and still had the same problem. Foolish me to think the MB dealer could diagnose a problem w/ a MB....huh! But who would know my MB better??? The local independent MB mechanic.:D

The independent found that there was a ground short in the wiring harness that controlled one of the sensors. After hours of testing, they found the culprit to be a wire that had rubbed through and shorted out the entire of the wires in the harness under the rear seat had rubbed through, making contact w/ the body....they reinsulated the wires, and the top works good as new.

The battle will now begin w/ the MB dealer and MB of North America to recoup some of my money.

I hope this will help someone in the future! Good luck!


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