Starting problems A160 2015


Feb 16, 2018
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A class, 160, 2015
I am desperately hoping someone can help me!
Got the a class in July - no problems and loved it. Since December the car has started playing up intermittently when I try to start it.
All the lights come on but when I turn the key it does nothing. Doesn’t try and turn over just does nothing. It can take me between 3 and 10 times of just taking the key out and re-turning before it will turn over and start.
The majority of the time, if I push down SO hard on the clutch, and I mean so hard, in sheer desperation for it to start, the engine tends to turn over. But not every time!! (I’ve told merc this but apparently there are no problems with the clutch)
Taken it to merc 3 times and apparently it starts fine for them every time and they have been patronising saying it’s how I’m trying to start the car - I know that’s not true as the first 6 months I could start it fine...they did make me start to doubt myself so have got other people to try and happens to them too (just no one at merc!!)
Still under warranty until May but not sure what I’m meant to do if merc are saying there is no problem!!! No doubt when the warranty has expired they will find the problem...!
Please please can any one shed any light on this?

John Laidlaw

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Nov 15, 2013
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Well I’d start with basics and check the battery if you have a tester, often these issues are the simplest.
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