Stereo problems with mercedes benz 208 clk 230 2000


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Oct 15, 2012
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Mercedes Benz 208 CLK 230 Kompressor
I have burnt about 4 CDs that work perfect for the car. But when I burned them every other CD I used for it worked and I burned the exact same way. But all of the sudden no CDs that I burn work. All the older ones that I have burnt still work though. I use SONY CDs and they are CD-R. I have no idea what to do it feels like I have tried everything but obviously I have not because it still does not work. The CDs are playable in other cars though ex Volvo v70 2011.

What I have tried that do not work:
Burn CD in iTunes, NERO 10,11, Windows Media Player.
Use Mp3 and wma files they always convert to cda on the CD though.
Burn with different computers.
Slow down read speed and write speed.
Removed the song info text in the files (ex artist, album).
Left like 15 minutes space on the CD.
Left alot of MB space.

Please help me with my problem, I really would like to get some new music for my car and thanks in advance! :)
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