Trip to Malmo


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Mar 26, 2008
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When I first got my CLK someone asked what it was like on a long trip.Well it's taken a long time to reply but here it is.
My trip to Malmo.

Set off 0445 Sat 1st Aug & arrived at my hotel in Hamburg 12 hours later.
611 miles at an average speed of 65mph(the last 10m cocked that up,until then it was 70) & 37.2mpg.I'd filled up with Shell V-Power.
Got a P & O ferry Dover - Calais.
Stopped once between Calais & Hamburg,for fuel,coffee & mother nature.
Went as fast as I could in Germany,but a lot of traffic.A few occasions cruising at 120-30 & had 155 on the clock once,my foot wasn't to the floor & the car was still accelerating before I had to ease off.
Certainly keeps you in focus at that speed!
Today drove up to Puttgarden(Germany) & got a delightful ferry to Rodby in Denmark then on to Malmo.
213m @ 50mph,38.7mpg.Much more sedate.
Satnav was brilliant(it recognised my hotel by name) except once when it got me onto the A1 in Germany but going the wrong way,added about 20m to the trip.
An absolute pleasure to drive,especially at speed.:)

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