W124 Seat Belt Extender Replacement Gears


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Nov 6, 2005
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Replacement Plastic Gears for Mercedes/Bosch Seat Belt presenter.
A common failure point on the Mercedes cars fitted with seat belt presenters is the plastic gears that drive the presenting arm back and forth. Mercedes are only able to supply the entire presenter mechanism and Bosch are also unable to supply spare parts for the device.
I have had a very small batch of replacement gears produced by a local engineering workshop specifically to cure the problem in my own E320 Cabriolet. I also had some gears made to suit the slightly different mechanism from the coupe models that I have come across. These gears are made from machined Delrin as opposed to the moulded plastic of the original. This material is harder wearing than the original although this was not the reason for the choice. The two gears share the same external measurements but have different hub sizes.
The gear can relatively easily be replaced once the seat belt presenter has been removed from the car. See attached photo for measurements.
Please note the following:-
I am not a business and I am making these parts available simply to recoup my own costs.
There are other reasons for failure of the seat belt presenter mechanism. Please make your own enquiries to establish that you require this specific part.
Please check my dimensions to ensure that this part is an exact match for yours.
The seal belt presenter rod is available as a spare part from Mercedes.
Please send me a PM with your contact details if interested.


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Feb 8, 2006
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