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[Breaking] W168 A140 Piccadilly Man G/BOX 2004

Discussion in 'Spares for Sale and Wanted' started by Martin Jennings, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Martin Jennings

    Martin Jennings Senior Member

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    Feb 3, 2011
    North Walsham, Norfolk
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    W203 C220 CDi Elegance Auto,W168 A140 Piccadilly 1.4.
    Afternoon all, I have decided to finally take the old girl off the road as she needs so much doing to her now. Both rear radius arms are worn out, needs a front droplink, O/S rear door lock is u/s so central locking not working, timing chain rattle on cold start but quietens down almost immediately, A/C not working, bit of rot appearing on o/s rear arch as per normal on these. The MOT runs till July 19. Probably a couple of other bits i have forgotten but if anyone wants it for bits or whatever ring me if you like on 01692-404868 or 07788 498072. The car is in North Norfolk and is in Black and complete, nothing removed as yet, Audio system etc all intact. Make me a reasonable offer guys!
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