W169 vibration noise when moving off and a seperate purring noise


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Oct 5, 2009
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Recently bought a 55plate A170 Automatic, lovely car, however, there is 2 distinct seperate noise/vibration issues, which I wonder if anyone can shed any light on.

The first, when moving off, you can feel a slight vibration and noise which disappears once above 10mph say. The vibration appears to come from the footwell area - definitely not the seat or steering wheel. I sometimes end up driving off quickly so as to try and avoid it.

The second is a constant whirring or purring type noise that is always there and seems to come from the engine area. It is seperate from the engine noise as when you accelerate it drains out the purring noise.

Would really like to get to the bottom of these noises as it is spoiling what is otherwise a great car and a joy to own.

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Mar 11, 2008
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A160 BlueEfficiency Avantgarde SE 2010
My A150 had a noise from the driver's side footwell area. Turned out to be the trim near the bonnet release catch which had become unclipped. Peering down, it was posssible to see the trim wasn't fitting snugly. Was easily sorted.

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