W202 new windscreen/wiper problem


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Evening folks, second problem of the evening. I have just had a new windscreen for my W202 after 'fantastic crack' appeared. However when i attempted to turn my wipers onto intermittent they just stayed permentatly on.

The guy from Autoglass asked if i had rain sensor/auto wiper option which i though i did as my intermittent setting automaticlly changed its frequency dependent upon the weather conditions.

Autoglass said they will check it out on Sat but has anyone any thoughts, have a been unlucky and the rain sensor has broken or could Autoglass got something wrong

p.s. this is no reflection to any memeber of staff from autoglass on this forum as the technician was very helpful;)




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I think they have put the wrong screen in there, as there should be a window in the top of the screen tint by the rear view mirror to allow the rain sensor to work.
Can you see a window? or indeed the sensor it self? it clips into a bracket that is bonded to the screen and plugs into the overhead light unit, with it unplugged your car will revert to normal timed intermittent wipe.
Hope this helps.


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Went back to Autoglass today for i diagnosis..... pleased to say they are totaly flumixed!!

They are going to order me a new sensor as they believe the old has broken. Apparently just happened to a Range Rover the other week, does that mean my old C Class is as good as aRange Rover ;-).

Checked the screen out Andy and it does have the window at the top of the screen.

Cheers as you where my only reply.