W204 CDi 2013 - misfire & white smoke


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Feb 12, 2018
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C220 CDi
Hi All,

I have a w204 2013 with the om651 motor which has currently got some running problems,

- Takes longer that should to start than should
- When started its experiencing a misfire
- After approx 4minutes of running it below out white smoke which smells like raw diesel

No engine lights illuminated no fault codes on Ecu,

Initially I taught it may be an injector, so while it was running I plugged the injectors out individually starting with cylinder one, the only cylinder that had no running affect was cylinder number two, all the rest made it run worse,

Removed the injector and had it tested by a specialist who advised there was no issue,
I am know thinking this is an internal combustion issue,

Oil was changed also as car had been sitting up over a few months, there was no contamination or swarf in the oil,

Anyone have any ideas?

Hopefully will get a compression test done tomorrow ...


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Nov 18, 2013
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clk3202001,sl6002003 with everything regrettably sold ,A class 170cdi auto. NG/TF1800 ML250
whilst i get the injector was tested , did you try exchanging it wiht any other running cylinder, after that,and failing a solution i would do a compression test, if that cylinder has none there is no fix before you resolve that .

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