W204 comand screen not coming out of dash


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Sep 29, 2012
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c320cdi sport
Hi I have an intermittent problem with my comand Screen, I've had this issue ever since I brought my 2009 C320 cdi 18 months ago. When I turn the ignition on, sometimes the screen won't pop up out of dash, the actual comand system comes on but with limited useability (the same as if you've closed it manually ) so only the controls on the front of the system work but not the wheel.

This used to happen very sporadically say once every 100 times but it would it also go a couple of months with out doing it at all. In the past you could always get the screen to come out by pressing the button on the front of the hatch. I bought the car from a Merc dealer and I took it back a couple of times for them to look at, however they could never replicate the problem so could never find anything wrong with it.

It hadn't done it for a couple of months now and I had kind of forgotten about it until last Monday when it happened again but this time the problem has moved on, as it wouldn't let me open up the hatch via the button. I tried turning it off locking the car up and re-starting but still no joy. When I came back to the car after work it was fine again. I used the car all week without any problems untill today when it wouldn't open up again, same as before with only the buttons on the front of system working and but not letting me open it up manually. I came back to the car a few hours later and all is fine again.

My car is now out of warranty, so was just wondering if anyone had any ideas, or had experienced the same or similar problem.

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