[Breaking] W210 Estate 2000 Travertine Beige/Java


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Apr 2, 2004
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Cork Ireland
Your Mercedes
W210 E320 CDI Estate
My car finally bit the dust. Diesel E320CDI Straight 6 Estate. Perfect condition, never even in an automatic car wash!

A nice lady decided red traffic lights were not for her. Now an economic write off.

170,000 miles, one owner, still has Mobilo, full MBSH from new, was impeccable before collision. Avantgarde. Main dealer contact Martin at + 353 51 301222.

Front end damage: very low speed collision with side of a car crossing junction. Parts damaged: bumper, grille, bonnet, both wings, front panel, both headlights, usual trims etc. Not driven due to wheel arch liners loose.

Undamaged doors etc, airbags all intact, underbonnet mechanicals all intact. Tyres new at 165,000. Injector seals checked at 165,000, one replaced. Full B service at 165,000 miles.

Travertine beige, Java leather in very good condition as it was generally driver only car and never used for any commercial purposes. Towbar only used for lightweight Erde camping trailer and bicycle rack.

4 doors replaced by MB in 2005 under warranty.

Removable tow bar
cd changer
contour fully electric and heated memory front seats
5 seater
carpets all as new due to mats
engine good
722.6 five speed transmission good [shift lever already replaced]
was a good car.

Any takers as is?

I am on ofmaqs@hotmail.com or + 353 86 8185115 mobile.

Very easy to transport to UK.
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