w210 front suspension noise


Feb 25, 2013
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w210 2000 2.8v6

i had just replaced my front upper control arms and noticed the noise/thump from going over uneven surfaces reduced drastically. then i noticed the front suspension would make almost like a 'clak' (single sound) after driving over uneven surfaces not in a gentle manner. it was doing that on both sides at first. now the left side is quiet and only the right side is making that sound.

i had opened up the dust covers of the upper control arm ball joint before installing them, and added more grease. i noticed there was hardly any grease inside the dust cover when i opened them up. the arms are lemforder from italy. to add, i had the sway bar bushings and links replaced few months ago. the tires do not show obvious signs of excessive wear (from worn out lower joint). the steering tracks beautifully and drives with absolutely not vibration at any speed.

then i had the car examined by a local workshop and was told the front right side lower bolt on the shock absorber was 'loose'. they greased the bushing and tighten it. I took a look at it myself this morning and found that i can wiggle the upper tip of the front shock absorber from side to side. i could not feel any 'play' on the right side absorber but the left side has obvious 'play' when i simply grabbed it with my thumb and finger, and wiggle.

not sure what to expect at this point, i would appreciate all suggestions/advise or input on how i should get rid of that 'clak' sound.

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