W212 E Class interior trim removal help


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Nov 1, 2016
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Hello all,

Changing the front and rear floor carpets as from beige to black as they get dirty too often and cleaning it is a hassle. I have luckily bought the rear, passenger and driver carpets from ebay however now need to remove some floor trims, centre part and seats to change them.

Any tutorials for these? Youtube has not given me any luck only seem to find rear seat removal.


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Oct 3, 2011
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Kingston upon Thames
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I had to get the carpets up in my car, and I seem to remember that you will need to remove quite a lot of trim. I'll see if I can find some of the trim removal guides. I seem to remember removing:

Front door sill - lever up from rear edge to avoid breaking retaining clip at the front
B pillar upper and lower trim
Rear door sill
Rear wheel arch
Rear seat

You will also need to get the front seats out, and possibly at least the rear part of the console.

It will be a big job, I'm afraid!

I'll follow up with some of the trim removal guides, but they are all basically pry and pray!. At least the fixings seem to be of good quality, so I didn't break any as I did it.

Good luck.


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