W251 (R320) Steering Height not working - just clicks


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Dec 12, 2016
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2003 270ML Inspiration / 2007 R320 Sport
I have a 2007 R320. The controls for the steering wheel up/down do not work. I've read the easy exit feature puts wear on this and it's common to fail on other models. However on reading in the forums people can hear the motor but their dog bone has snapped. I can not hear the motor, I can hear a click from somewhere, maybe a rely, sounds like under the drivers seat (but other noise) when I push the level to lower (steering wheel at the maximum up). I'm not fussed by the easy exit feature , in fact I've managed to get in & out of cars for 20+ years without such a feature, however I would like to be able to raise and lower the steering wheel as I'm a foot taller than the missus. BTW the forward and back works fine.

Any ideas?


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