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Auto Glym competition - August.

Discussion in 'Offers & Competitions' started by mark.s, Jul 17, 2018.

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  1. mark.s

    mark.s MBO Forum Staff - CLK Cabriolet (W209) MBO Ad Sales & Partnerships

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    Mar 18, 2004
    Tunbridge Wells, Kent
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    CLK Cabriolet (W203)
    Hi All,

    Autoglym logo.jpg

    To win a Craftsmanship Deserves Expert Care INTERIOR Box Set that includes:

    1. Clean
    Interior Shampoo 500ml

    2 Polish
    Fast Glass 500ml

    3. Protect
    Vinyl &Rubber Care 500ml

    Autoglym products.jpg

    Please answer the following question.

    In the latest issue of Mercedes Owner magazine (see link: https://bit.ly/2KZcILJ )

    Which country has a new racetrack ?

    Answer are to only be set via PM.

    Winner selected by random selection on the last working day of August 18.

    Good luck.
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