16 inch

  1. A

    MY W124 Coupe wheels need new bolts, can anybody help????

    I just upgraded the alloys on my w124 coupe from the standard 8 hole 15 inch to the 16 inch versions, however the bolts wont fit the new wheels as they're not long enough. Does anybody know the length of bolts i require, and where possibly i might be able to get them in london?? Ive been told...
  2. moj91

    W220 S-Class Wheels Question

    Hi All, I'm looking for winter wheels for our S-Class 320CDi. It is a 2005 with the standard brakes of that year. On the 'sticky' link at the top, there is a site with a list of wheels and sizes etc. Can anyone tell me if the 16 inch versions (such as is seen with the spare wheels)...
  3. E

    [Wanted] 16 inch Wheel Trims

    Does anybody have a set of 16 inch wheel trims lying in their garage that I could buy? I need them for a 204, but those off a 210 would be OK. Thanks, Ernie

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