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    SLK 171 2009 (UK)- "Close Boot Separator Error"

    Hi all, I have an SLK 2009 (171) UK spec 1.8 Kompressor that has recently been giving me a "Close Boot Separator" error when trying to operate the vario roof. I have checked that the separator does close and latch correctly, which it does. The ONLY thing i've noticed is that the separator is...
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    R171 Poor radio reception

    I noticed that I may not be alone in suffering poor reception on the radio in the SLK R171. Mine has been back to the dealer a couple of times because of loss of radio reception - typically, of all things, Radio 2 or 4 - as I drive down the M5 (say). I explained that, when visiting...
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    [Spares] SLK R171 Audio 20 - Used

    Speaks for itself, audio unit for SLK, £110 used, excellent cond. contact 07590815678. Taken out of my car when I replaced with command

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