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    Whiney rear end without throttle.

    Hi guys, My 95' W124 E220 Coupe has developed an alarming fault. The rear end (suspect diff) has started whining and knocking loudly all of a sudden. The knocking is intermittent and happens at any speed, throttle or non, for a few seconds and sounds like s heat shield vibrating in the wind...
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    W202 catalytic converter replacement question

    Hi I have a cat that is gone and need to replace it in order to pass emissions test. my car is a 1995 w202 c180 petrol. i Have sourced a cat from a 1997 c180 petrol. Issue is that mercedes change the cat section of the exhaust system in 1997 but my question is would replacing the cat...
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    1995 w202 starting problems

    Hey guys, I have recently had problems starting my 1995 c180. I used to have this problem alot, then it just went away for about a year! It came back a few days ago after i disconnected the battery as I needed to remove the steering wheel to replace the wiper stalk (which sort of caught...
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    glow plugs stuck / loose on 95 E300D help

    Hello, While changing my deteriorated glow plug wiring harness on my 95 E300D 606 engine (132k) I decided to change the glow plugs (unknown when last done). I soaked the glow plugs in penetrating oil for hours and carefully tried to loosen each one. The first 3 didn't budge so I left them...

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