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    Pleased to meet you. I plan to restore my 91' w129, 300sl for use this summer. I'm certain to be in touch for tips and maybe even spares! Cheers Rafa
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    Central locking R129 makes weird sound...

    Since a while now the Central Locking of my 300SL R129 makes a weird sound. As soon as the ignition is switched on a strange sound comes from the right rear part of the car. I checked in the trunk and it seems to be the Central Locking pump, something with a red knob that can be pushed in. Every...
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    R129 Gear shift knob worn out/material pealing off

    My second car, a 1992 300 SL (80.000km and in excellent condition) has one ugly detail. The Gear shift knob's top part is pealing off, leaving the white plastic underneath to become visible. The lower part of the knob is made out of grey leather and this is still fine. Is this a one piece object...

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