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    Intro Thread: My Classic Mercedes in a car show

    Greetings all, I normally have introduced my vehicles via text but my W123 300d was recently featured in a Classic car show on Youtube called "New vs. Old". It has a unique spec for a saloon with factory equipped self leveling suspension, aircon, sunroof and under chassis armour, and was...
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    w124 Diesel Vaccum- Not turning off engine

    Hi Everyone I have a 1992 300CE coupe auto converted to a 300D manual which iv recently aquired I have the common problem with the engine not turning off after the key is removed , im having to manually use the shut off valve. Does anyone have a diagram or a description of all vacuum lines in...
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    mY w124 300 ce OR 300td

    Hi Guys So whilst browsing through an auction i say this Mercedes 300 CE / Diesel and bought it online knowing little about the car except that i liked how it looked. So the car was delivered to me and it all dawned on me. 1: the car on DVLA database shows as a 300 CE/ Diesel.. i phoned them...

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