1. Mervi

    1998 Mecerdes Benz 312d turbo (903) Rimor Sailer 748 Motorhome members

    Hello everyone. We are Mervyn & Barbara new members here have been happily reading through the threads especially about fuel additives very interesting group of like-minded people :-) The manuals that came with my 312d Sprinter are in a foreign, as in non-English language is there a...
  2. E

    Sprinter 312D turbo oil leak?

    Hi, I am looking to buy a used Sprinter 312D. I have an offer which is quite far from my place, so far I have only seen the pictures. Attached is a photo of the engine bay. What concerns me is the oil residue on what I suppose is the air hose between the turbo and the engine. What could be...
  3. C

    oil in water on sprinter 312

    Got a Mercedes Sprinter 312. Noticed the other day oil dripping underneath it. Switched off engine and investigated. Oil on dipstick is within limits but lower than normal. No creamy deposits or water appears present. If i dip my finger in radiator header tank its just pure thick black oil...
  4. K

    Sprinter 312D Fault Code Help

    Hi, I have a sprinter (1997) 312D with a limp mode problem, its been intermitant for the past couple months. I have had post on here about the turbo not kicking in with very little response so im starting a new thread due to an update. The last time I had the sprinter diagnosed it came...
  5. 9

    Owners handbook?

    Hi to you all, is there anyone out there who knows where i can source a owners handbook for a Sprinter 312D 4x4? Its is 98 reg MWB If i cant source one do you know or any of your mates have any info regarding service intervals, oil capacitys/viscosity etc ANY INFO would be appreciated Cheers...

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