1. Jarlath

    Sprinter 4x4 Rear Diff Noise

    Have a 2006 (old type) 311 4x4 which is ex Scottish Power. Ran fine for a few months then a very loud noise from rear diff. Cannot find anybody to repair or repalce same in this part of the world. Can I simply replace with a diff from standard 311 or is it unique to the 4x4 ? Any help and I...
  2. 9

    Owners handbook?

    Hi to you all, is there anyone out there who knows where i can source a owners handbook for a Sprinter 312D 4x4? Its is 98 reg MWB If i cant source one do you know or any of your mates have any info regarding service intervals, oil capacitys/viscosity etc ANY INFO would be appreciated Cheers...

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