abs sensor testing

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    New S600 coupe owner faces some glitches!

    Enjoying the welcome so far but facing a few fault codes which I would be grateful for help with! The first and most important relating to the Traction/ABS switching itself off at random, more frequently in the rain than otherwise. Codes are C1140 Steering Angle Stored sensor N49 and...
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    1996 c200 auto, ABS light question

    My lovely C200 recently developed a permanent ABS warning light. The light came on after stopping, i.e. without moving off. It is now a permanent feature. I have checked the OVP output to the ABS control unit - 14.2v with the engine running. Am I right in thinking that because the light...
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    check abs sensors

    C200 -98 classic AUT 280000km I have a problem with my abs/asr lights being constantly on and the systems not working. Both lights are on immediate after start and always stay on. The lights used to go out before, randomly, but now they are always on. I have checked fuses, changed the break...

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