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    Adaptive main-beam Assist inoperative

    Hi I have been getting this message on my W222 "Adaptive main-beam Assist inoperative see owners handbook" and the adaptive part don't work i cant find anything in the handbook about it has anyone else had this message appear
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    9 Speed Gearbox - slow take off.

    Hi, New to the forum, but I am running out of patience with a brand new E 350 coupe. It has the new adaptive 9 speed box, and is just really reluctant to pick up from a standstill. OK on rolling starts (in 2nd), but unless you give the engine 3000rpm, it will give a big pause before taking off...
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    On my 420 the adaptive suspension has got stuck in the "Sport" position - , with 18" Wheels this causes very little suspension travel - , causing rubbing on the inner fenders - ! Have tried to read the codes, but get no fault on suspension? Some has suggested the rear selflevelingvalve as a...

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