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    Alarm went off after charging battery

    Hi! Thanks for all the information you share through here! Unfortunately I could not find the answer to my problem today, so any suggestions will be appreciated! My A class 160 elegance was without use for two month, on my return I had to charge the battery and the alarm went off and I could...
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    R230 - Alarm signal horn bench test

    A STAR report has indicated that there is a fault in the communication my alarm siren. (2003 SL500). The sounder was not working - checked this by locking the car with the remote and then physically opening the drivers door using the emergency key. My hazards flash, but not sounder. I have...
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    Alarm problems

    Hi, on my 1998 SL500 I'm having problems with the alarm. Last Sunday I unlocked with the remote, opened door, climbed in, but when I started the engine the alarm went off. Yesterday after setting the alarm with all doors/windows/bonnet/boot/hood closed the siren started beeping (less than one...
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    SL350 alarm keeps going off

    I have an SL350 2006. An hour or so after I lock it, the alarm goes off. Having read the forums, I've replaced the siren and PSE pump but that hasn't cured the problem. The car has no other faults whatsoever - although the boot had the usual leak, but I've sorted that. What should I do next?

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