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    [Spares] Mercedes 19" AMG Wheels Genuine Some Damaged

    I am looking to sell a set of wheels for my E250, they came straight off the car but due to at least one of the wheels being damaged i thought i would list them for people looking for buy individually on the owners networks than banging them on eBay or something like that. The wheels are a...
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    Looking to swap OEM 19” AMG III’s for 20” AMG III’s or IV’s - anyone interested?

    I have a genuine set of 19” AMG III’s in excellent condition on my 2007 CLS w219 which is a factory spec AMG. These are staggered 8.5 / 9.5 and obviously have the low ET coming from the first gen CLS. Tyres are all still good (c. 4-5mm). I plan to go up to 20’s, with some subtle modifications...
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    [Spares] 18" AMG wheels Staggered size 8.5 and 9.5

    Since I no longer have the merc, (needed something a little more mileage friendly), I have for sale my set of wheels that I purchased to go on it. They are a staggered set with 8.5" fronts and 9.5" rears, all four tyres have a good 5mm or so tread left, one of the rears is a Bridgestone the...
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    [Spares] FS: AMG Aero Forged 3 pieces 17x8,5; 17x9,5

    For sale very rare staggered AMG Aero 3 piece They are Front 8,5x17 et18 Rear 9,5x17 et10 (original size 10x17et17, swapped innerbarrel from 7 to 6,5) Mirror polised lips and centers New AMG logo Chrome plated bolts Polished ventil They are straight and true price 1500£ shipped...
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