auxiliary battery

  1. R

    W204 forgot the time

    Bit of an odd one: Just been away for a week, and left the car in the airport car park in Manchester. Got back, everything fine, but the time on the dash was wrong. Like, completely wrong by a few hours and some minutes. I had to stop and set it because it irritated me, and now it seems fine...
  2. CrazyArtLady

    Auxiliary battery Malfunction

    Hi The dashboard is showing the Auxiliary battery is malfunctioning. it’s a 2016 E220 Estate. It’s been a brilliant car to ferry me and the two large dogs about. But the last 6 weeks been iffy. I have been to 4 garages just to get some info and then thought let me check the car forum. Over...
  3. R

    Auxiliary battery

    I am getting the auxiliary battery malfunction warning on my E class estate 2014 CDI 250. I am planning to buy a replacement and fit the battery myself but I am a little intimidated by the two batteries and all the electrical parts and computers. Is this a DIY job? Is there a procedure I need...

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