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    Waterleak in boot B Class

    Hi, I'm the proud owner of my first Merc - 2008 B 200 CD1 , my first automatic. Brilliant car. Just one small fault, when I checked the spare wheel well it contained at least a gallon of (clean) water sloshing about. I took liner out, dried it. Left it uncovered for about 10 days. Car left...
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    W245 2007 Cd changer problem

    Hi, Recently my wife bought a 2007 B200cdi. It has the COMAND NTG2.0 unit, with a CD changer in the glove box (MH3512). The CD changer doesn't work - meaning that we cant listen to CDs and use satnav at same time. I am not 100% sure how it should work. Is there a CD Changer option that...

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