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    B Class B170 2007 Powertrain errors suddenly

    Hi All, I hope you can help me. I got a panicked call form my friend who has a lovely B170 2007 model. It's been flawless so far (he got it secondhand) with only teh throttle body needing to be cleaned to clear a rough running over a year ago now (was full of that brown sludge that aparently...
  2. J

    Auto gearbox issues on 2006 B-Class 170

    Hi, I own a B170SE 5-door Auto CVT, Petrol. It recently started playing up when going uphill, like it's struggling to choose the correct gear and after a few hours of driving will report "Transmission failure - visit workshop" on the dashboard. Over time, it's become progressively worse and...
  3. W

    B170 Driver Seat Height Adjustment Handle

    Can some advise how to remove the driver's seat height adjustment handle on a B170 (2006)? I've removed the black screw at the base of it and still doesn't detach. Some advise would be much appreciated.

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