b180 cdi

  1. S

    B class Sport - height from ground to front wheel arch?

    I have a 2008 B180 Sport and I keep grinding the front over speed humps :( The suspension is rock hard and it's running on 45 profile tyres on 17" rims I need to check to see if someone has lowered the car so if there are any B180/200 CDi owners with the Sport model on 17"s could they...
  2. sineda

    New B-Class member from the East Midlands

    Hi all, Newbie to this forums. Where shall I start? I am a car enthusiast, I used to sell cars as a hobby whilst studying law at university. Love to get my hands dirty in DYI. Thinking of opening an honest garage one day where customers won't be afraid that they may get ripped off and won't...
  3. L

    Error 0894; CVT replacement part?

    So my 2006 B180 CDi staggered and went into limp mode on Sunday, had it in a garage on Monday which came back with error 0894 off the diagnostics. It's not clear what exactly needs to be done but I've heard CVT belt replacement off Mercedes for £300, valve body replacement off someone else for...

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