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    W221 s350 blower motor always on

    Hi all, looking for some information re my s350 , it seems water has been getting in to the blower motor, this in turn blew the SAM unit , the garage replaced the Sam unit , blower, blower control unit , actuator. But can’t seem to get the blower motor to function correctly, it runs constantly...
  2. G

    merc vito fan only works on number 4

    hi all. ive got a mercedes vito all but an old one. seem to have a problem with the fan. it used to work up until last week now only works on setting 4. please help if possible!!!
  3. S

    Central dash blowing cold & wiper sticking?

    I took my 1996 C180 into the garage last week because the windscreen wiper was sticking and then stopped although it worked when I pushed the scoosher. The electrician told me it needed a new switch, which he replaced and charged me for. As I was driving it home the wiper stopped again. It works...

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