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  1. M

    W209 bodykit on w203

    I'm torn between a w209 and w203 I love this kit for the w209 but would probably prefer the w203 for the room. How far off would I be if I tried fitting this to the w203? To my untrained eye the cars look almost identical other than ones a coupe the other is a more door
  2. C

    W208 wide body

    hi guys has any one fitted the prior design kit to the w208 ?? Any advice regarding the rear widinings would be appreciated
  3. ProjexDesignUk

    Mercedes C Class W204 63 Style body kit

    We have just taken delivery of some New body kits.... Mercedes C Class W204 63 Style - full Plastic OEM Spec Front Bumper, with DRL 2012 look Front Grill Side Skirts Rear bumper with Diffuser £2750.00 painted and fitted To fit - W204 07-2013 Optional - Quad Exhaust Conversion wheels, tyres...
  4. ProjexDesignUk

    *OFFER* Mercedes CLS W219 PD600 Bodykit

    We would like to see if any CLS W219 owners are after a bit of a facelift.. we are Prior Design UK and we have the PD600 body kit in stock ready for fitting.. Front Bumper Rear Bumper Side Skirts Front Grill £2995.00 inc paint and fitting Optional - Quad Exhaust Wheels /...

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