body panels

  1. Tukka

    Body panels supplier?

    Can anyone recommend a supplier of body panels please? I need a couple of front wings for my W 115,cheapest so far £300 each from Niemoller.I have seen them cheaper but these are for the later W115,mine is the early version and (typically) more expensive.Thankyou.
  2. P

    Where do I find parts

    Hi All, I recently purchased a S320 2001 although I expected there to be a few minor niggles I was not expecting to find so much rust, I have done some reading and its a common flaw with the w220. What I am finding a little difficult is to locate replacement body panels, the highest...

ACMS Mercedes Ltd is an independent Mercedes-Benz service specialist based in Walsall. The company provides high levels of customer service and quality workmanship, at competitive prices. Call Mark on 01922 634666 or 07530 456000
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