1. M

    W209 bodykit on w203

    I'm torn between a w209 and w203 I love this kit for the w209 but would probably prefer the w203 for the room. How far off would I be if I tried fitting this to the w203? To my untrained eye the cars look almost identical other than ones a coupe the other is a more door
  2. M

    Lowering a W209

    Hi all, new to the site but it looks very useful. I have a 2007 W209 that I am fitting with an Extreme bodykit. I am lowering it by 40mm all round and I have been told that 20" wheels will fit when kit is done. Anybody any experience of this as I don't know what size spacers to buy and if 20"...
  3. ProjexDesignUk

    Mercedes C Class W204 '08 - Conversion to C63 2012

    We have just taken in today another C350cdi W204 2008 and we plan to give it the Facelift 2012 C63 look conversion... Lets start with some images of the car as stock and add a few more over the next week. 20140923_110908 by Projex Design Uk, on Flickr 20140923_110926 by Projex Design...

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