1. I

    Accident Repair BodyShop Recommendation - Rear Collision

    Hi, My local take away driver has rear-ended my 64 plate c220 and now i am in need for a body shop that any one can recommend in the Bradford area. I was sat stationary in traffic going no where and then bang this guys comes in to my rear. Anyways, I thought i would come here see if anyone can...
  2. bertg

    Bodywork Recommendations Near Croydon

    Can someone please recommend a good bodyshop please near Croydon S London. I have a 2013 Bclass W246 that needs some TLC. Umberto
  3. E

    Rust Repairs in Preston, Lancs

    Can anyone recommend a body/paint repairers in Preston Lancs. I have an annoying square inch of rust bubbling just above the number plate hollow on my 2005 E220 Estate. My car has FMBSH but I havent asked the dealership for a quote as I would probably faint.

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