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    E class 2004 270 CDI

    the boot light, number plate lights, 3rd break light and boot release have all failed at the same time. Loose wire/fuse gone any ideas??
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    CLK boot Brake Light Lens

    I had not had the best morning so far! My Shoe lace snapped when tying my shoes this morning and then I closed the boot of my 2004 240 CLK and the boot / brake light lens fell off. It had been cracked for a long time, but had sat there happily. Given the wet weather, I need to replace asap...
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    Boot bulb

    My boot bulb has recently stopped working. So my question is (as I cant find my handbook) 1. What bulb does the CLK W208 take in the boot 2. If its a fuse which fuse number is it? (i only think fuse as I had to replace one or two a few weeks back)

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